There is so much to be thankful for that we sometimes forget to do it. What I mean is this: when people always do things for us, it becomes routine. We expect them to do it and we often forget to express our gratitude.

Since this is Thanksgiving Day 2012, I am giving thanks.

First, I must give God thanks for allowing me to see this Thanksgiving Day and spend quality time with my family.

Second, I thank God for each one of you, for reading and supporting Orlando Community News throughout the year. Thank you for spreading the word about the website. Even if you have only been on here once, I appreciate that and I say, “thank you!”

Thanks to my family members, friends, colleagues and community leaders who frequent this site, post comments and share with me directly on issues.

We are fast approaching 5,000 views from around the world and I recognize the favor of God on my life and on this effort. The Pine Hills area is still on the rise and we will continue to talk about the good stuff going on right here. The best is still yet to come so stay connected and enjoy the ride!


Trish Martin

© Orlando Community News, 2012

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Founder and Editor of Orlando Community News and freelance writing service. Lover of God, Auto Finance-Sales Professional, “Mese” baby, Proud Aunt
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