For the Last-Minute Voters: Recommendations for Today’s Election


November 6, 2018 (Orlando) — This is for the last-minute voters. But the rest of you all can read on too! 

This is one of few occasions when I’ve shared my recommendations for elections. But because this mid-term General Election is so important, especially for Florida, I am posting my recommendations for today’s historical election.

A little background for your consideration: I typically vote on the issues and attend candidates forums-debates to meet the people who are running for key positions, listening to how they answer questions and watching their demeanor.  I also attend community meetings on the 12 amendments on the ballot. (also further research and ponder them.) It so happens that where I stand on issues mostly align with the Democratic Party. 

Here’s another thing: While the current President of the United States has been campaigning since the summer for his followers running in key states, he is NOT on the ballot for this election.  Still, he continues to tweet online and talk at rallies, making negative personal attacks against candidates who’re running against his fellow Republicans.

Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams are running for governor of their perspective states. Gillum would be the first African-American elected as Florida governor if he wins and Abrams would be the first African-American woman elected as Georgia governor if she wins. I mentioned those two because they are southern states and their names are being drug through the mud, just because of who they are.

New faces around the country (especially women) are in the race for Congress. Long-time U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is a fight for his seat with Rick Scott, current Florida governor who has reached the term limited for the position. 

Lastly, on the proposed amendments to the state constitution, if there are way too many questions in one proposed amendment, I vote “No.” Those are the ones which are often confusing and contradictory.  Proponents of Amendment 4 (Voting Restoration Amendment) worked hard over the past few years to educate people about the disenfranchisement of over a million people who were convicted of crimes, did their time and fulfilled all requirements of their sentence but had to wait for years to go before a state board that determined whether their voting rights should be restored. In Florida, a convicted felon (of any crime), can not vote, serve on a jury; hold public office until his or possess a gun until his or her civil rights have been restored. Board members includes the governor and two cabinet members who are statewide elected officials. It’s ridiculous! My recommendation is to vote “Yes.” Note: The amendment would not apply to those convicted of murder or sex offenses. 

We will never totally agree on candidates nor on amendments but we can gauge our own values and interests with what that candidate has to offer and make a choice! Vote!

Now for the recommendations!

United States Senator - Bill Nelson

Governor/Lieutenant Governor - Andrew Gillum and Chris King

Attorney General - Sean Shaw

Chief Financial Officer - Jeremy Ring

Commissioner of Agriculture - Nicole "Nikki" Fried

Special Election, Orange County Sheriff - Joe Lopez

Yes to Retain State Supreme Court Justice - Alan Lawson 

Yes to Retain Judge, District Court of Appeals - Eric Eisnaugle

Circuit Judge, 9th Judicial District, Group 41 - Dean Mosley

Board of County Commissioners, District 2 - Patricia Rumph

Special Election, School Board Member, District 7 - Melissa Mitchell Byrd

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, Group 2 - Daisy Morales

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, Group 4 - Dawn Curtis


State Amendments:

Vote NO on All EXCEPT
#4 - Vote YES 
#9 - Vote YES

-Trish Martin, Publisher & Editor 
Orlando Community News 2018




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