General Election 2016: You Choose But Here Are My Recommendations

onelectionday2016Orlando — As promised and within the final hour of the 2016 General Election, I am posting my recommendations for some KEY races in today’s historic election.

Why? First, I know that some of you all waited until the last minute to even register to vote, yet alone research the candidates and issues before voting. For some, the only race you know about is the one for United States presidency (Hillary R. Clinton versus Donald J. Trump). Second, since this is a historic election, I’m giving you all my historic recommendations! We are going to help choose either the first woman President of The United States or the first President of The United States with no prior political or military experience. This is my first time-sharing recommendations for elections!

A little background for your consideration: I typically vote on the issues. It so happens that where I stand on issues mostly align with the Democratic Party. (I can imagine some of you questioning that but I vote on more than one issue. I am a believer – a follower of Jesus Christ.)

Once upon a time, I was so frustrated with the way the party leadership handled the Office of President, I vowed to become an Independent. (My family loved me still, but made sure I knew that they were not happy with my choice.) However, when I found out  that I could not vote in my state primaries and local races, if I did not select a political party or registered as an Independent, I changed my tune.

It only took me to miss one election for me to switch my party affiliation back to the Democratic Party: I felt I let my ancestors down by skipping that one election. Not voting in my family is like committing a crime. Why? Because people marched, fought and died for Black Americans’ right to vote. Let that soak in. Black Americans had to struggle, get beat and die for rights that were already theirs, especially in the South.

When it comes to voting, the question for all of us should be when, not should I.haveyouvotedtoday

In this year’s presidential race, people are talking down former President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, the media, our country’s election process – all to find reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton, who is the most qualified, knowledgeable and prepared candidate in the race for the White House. She is running, not them.

Most of what Black Americans (African Americans, people of color) want for themselves and their families are the same things White Americans want…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No one wants their children to fail in school and in life, in general. Everyone wants to live in peace and not fear for their lives where they live, work or play.

So I don’t agree with the talk of President Obama not doing anything for us as a people. He has been and will go down in history as being one the best presidents THE UNITED STATES HAS EVER HAD. For all Americans. For that, I am very proud!

Now for some recommendations!


United States Senator - Patrick Murphy

Representative in Congress - Val Demings

State Attorney 9th Judicial Circuit - Aramis Ayala

State Senator District 11 - Randolph Bracy

State Senator District 30 - Ryan Neal Yaday

State Representative District 46 - Bruce Antone

Yes to Retain All State Supreme Court Justices

Clerk of Courts - Tiffany Moore Russell

Sheriff - Jerry L. Demings

Property Appraiser - Rick Singh

Tax Collector - Scott Randolph

Supervisor of Elections - Bill Cowles

Circuit Judge 9th Judicial Circuit - Joseph Haynes Davis

County Judge Group 1 - Eric DuBois

Board of County Commissions District 5 - Emily Bonilla

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor Group 3 - Nicole Victoria McLauren 



State - 
#1 - No
#2 - Yes
#3 - Yes
#5 - Yes

Orange County -
No on all 3

-Trish Martin, Publisher & Editor 
Orlando Community News 2016




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