Conversation Question

September 18, 2018

“Stand By Your Man” – Read a story recently in which a family was split up over the current administration’s zero tolerance policy on immigration. The wife was being deported but her husband and their children were allowed to stay in the United States because he had served in the military (may be active duty). He is a registered Republican who voted for Donald Trump (who initiated the new immigration policy). She did not agree at all and if she was able to vote, she said she would haves voted Democratic and made him switch parties. 

How do you and your spouse/ significant other manage the relationship if you all don’t share the same political party and/or the same feelings about matters that hit close to home such as immigration, healthcare reform and gun law reform/gun ownership? 

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2 Responses to Conversation Question

  1. High school seniors: Don’t just stop at high school, do something: get into somebody’s college (to gather the tools you need to establish a career or work a trade), go to work, start a business in a field in which you are interested or go into the military. Yes, I know very young entrepreneurs. Finally, be a leader, not a follower. You are going to see and hear all kinds of stuff that contradicts what you, yourself, believe. Stick with what you know and believe to be true and don’t give up. Both high school and college graduates: Connect yourself with a local church and develop your relationship with God or establish one. Blessings!

  2. Somehow we feel a need to be validated, accepted and/or admired.
    Or always in control.
    When God himself has already validated us as children of God – called us, anointed us
    and justified us! H e expects and wants the best for us — no matter the position or title. In fact, we don’t need a title in the kingdom to be great. Serve wherever we are. God will supply everything we need. There is no place for greed or arrogance.

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