Conversation Question

October 3, 2019

Who do you think would make a good President of the United States and Why?

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3 Responses to Conversation Question

  1. After seeing him campaign in Orlando several times years ago, I still like former Vice President Joe Biden for president. He’s experienced and over the years, he has earned the respect of Democrats and Republicans, as well as those in the international community. I also like Elizabeth Warren. After having watch one of her rallies and listening to her in a debate, I see her as experienced and likable. Same thing for Kamala Harris, who is a phenomenal woman. She can fulfill the role, with her background in law and experience in the Senate. She is assertive and I think that is needed to be POTUS.

  2. High school seniors: Don’t just stop at high school, do something: get into somebody’s college (to gather the tools you need to establish a career or work a trade), go to work, start a business in a field in which you are interested or go into the military. Yes, I know very young entrepreneurs. Finally, be a leader, not a follower. You are going to see and hear all kinds of stuff that contradicts what you, yourself, believe. Stick with what you know and believe to be true and don’t give up. Both high school and college graduates: Connect yourself with a local church and develop your relationship with God or establish one. Blessings!

  3. Somehow we feel a need to be validated, accepted and/or admired.
    Or always in control.
    When God himself has already validated us as children of God – called us, anointed us
    and justified us! H e expects and wants the best for us — no matter the position or title. In fact, we don’t need a title in the kingdom to be great. Serve wherever we are. God will supply everything we need. There is no place for greed or arrogance.

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