More Than 80K Inactive Voters in Orange County Alone

October 6, 2018 (Orlando) – With everything going on in the United States (especially today in the Senate), citizens should value their vote and exercise their right to vote in every election. The people who get out and vote in large numbers control, for the most part, who runs the country and what crucial decisions are made that affect everyone living here.

We, the people, have to do better.

Here in Orange County, after the Primary Election in August, it was discovered that thousands of absentee (mailout) ballots were not counted because people either didn’t properly sign those ballots or the signatures that was on the ballots didn’t match the signatures which were on file at the elections office.

As of the end of September, there were 88,172 inactive voters in the county! That’s significant and if you have lived in Florida for a while, you know that even presidential elections have been decided with even fewer than 80,000 votes (popular votes). Every vote matters.

Voters become inactive when mail sent to them from the elections office can no longer be delivered. It’s only a matter of an incorrect address on file, election  officials say.

Inactive voters will be able to vote early or on (General) Election Day, Nov. 6, but they will have to update their address first and then vote at their assigned polling place. Bottom line: It will cost you extra time, gas and unwanted stress because you may have to drive to multiple sites in order to vote.

You can also check your status online or by calling the elections office:,  (407) 836-2070

Great idea: check your status before the registration deadline which is this Tuesday, October 9.

The elections office will have special extended hours today (Saturday, Oct. 6) from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and on this Tuesday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. to help with registration. The elections office is located at:  119 W. Kaley St., Orlando.




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  1. As of Oct. 12, there are 795,113 registered voters in Orange County, per the elections office. You can see the party affiliation breakdown on the website but here’s a synopsis: there are more than 337,000 registered Democrats, more than 210,000 registered Republicans and more than 240,000 registered voters who have no party affiliation. There are nine political parties in the county that are recognized by the state of Florida.

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