Relentless Woman Conference 2022: Two Powerful Speakers, a Pure Display of Love and Hope of a New Day

Sept. 21, 2022 (Orlando) – There’s something about women of faith coming together in unity, expecting an outpouring of the Spirit of God and changes in their lives and in the lives of people around them.

It’s special. It’s memorable. It happened last Saturday at The Relentless Woman Conference held in the beautifully decorated gymnasium at the Wayne Densch YMCA Family Center. The conference, hosted by Minister Casman Mosby, featured guest speakers Pastor Jameliah Gooden and Prophetess Sophia Ruffin.

Themed W.A.R. (Women Anointed and Ready), the conference was the second of it’s kind hosted by Mosby in Orlando. It followed nine months of virtual and private praying, teaching, preaching and fasting by Mosby and a local fellowship of relentless women of God.

Hundreds of people gathered for the Sept. 17 conference and experienced the Power of God through prayer, worship and praise music, dance and flag, song and anthems and his preached Word. No doubt, God was glorified and souls were lifted, delivered and healed.

“It was one for the books,” Mosby said a few days after the conference, which included two sessions, a variety of vendors and special recognition for the women of God who poured so much out throughout the day including Mosby. “Listen you could not walk into an atmosphere like this, and leave the same. You had to be in the room.”

There’s not enough room here to tell it all but here are some highlights:

After prayer and praise and worship, Pastor Gooden, of Unity Church Charlotte, bought the Word for the Morning Glory session which started with prayer at 10 a.m. Gooden spoke from the topic, Don’t take a woman’s word lightly, especially if she’s a woman who’s connected to God.” The message was based on II Kings 22: 14-20 and the influence of Prophetess Huldah in the time of King Josiah. Before she preached, Gooden started out singing a slow tune comprised of one word, “Hallelujah!” – establishing the atmosphere for the power of God to settle throughout the gym-turned-sanctuary. She engaged praise team members from earlier and together, they repeated the sound of a glorious chant, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…!” Shortly after that she laid hands on people and prophesied as the Spirit led.

Prophetess Ruffin, of Chicago, came that evening for the second session, “The Glory After Hours.” She praised God and preached on the topic, God will answer ALL of your prayers and ALL your plans will be successful. Using Psalm 20: 1-5, she walked with the audience thorough the Word and stressed you have to believe it and grasp it. Sharing: God will fulfill all your prayers. Be prepared. A New Day is coming. Be unmovable in your faith through adversity (like David in many situations). If you have Jesus Christ, you carry the breakthrough! (You already have the answer. The light. The Word.) Hang on in there with the Lord! Amen.

Minister Casman Mosby (Photo Credit:LMG Photography / Wally Etienne)
Pastor Jameliah Gooden (far right) after preaching at The
Relentless Woman Conference
Prophetess Sophia Ruffin preaching at
The Relentless Woman Conference 2022

Between Morning Glory session and The Glory After Hours session, Minister Casman Mosby (center) praying for a conference participant with support of other sisters and friends.
Relentless sisters Michaelle Desruisseaux (left) with Ales-Cia Winsley
Relentless sisters Kim Stringer (left) and Trish Marshall
Relentless sister Brenda Gandy: Ready for the conference

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