Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Coming Up

OK parents and guardians: in case you haven’t started shopping for your child(ren)’s school supplies, you have a chance to save some money Aug. 3-5 as the State of Florida gives residents a tax break on typical school supplies.

The state’s sales tax holiday exempts tax on school supplies less than $15 per item, as well as on clothing, footwear and some accessories less than $60 per item. There are some exclusions. 

The Department of Revenue has a complete list of qualifying items. Go online the list and for more information: 

Examples of Exempt School Supply Items: • Binders • Calculators • Cellophane (transparent) tape • Colored pencils • Compasses • Composition books • Computer disks (blank CDs only) • Construction paper • Crayons • Erasers • Folders • Glue (stick and liquid) • Highlighters • Legal pads • Lunch boxes • Markers • Notebook filler paper • Notebooks • Paste • Pencils, including mechanical and refills • Pens, including felt, ballpoint, fountain, highlighters, and refills • Poster board • Poster paper • Protractors • Rulers • Scissors

Source: Florida Department of Revenue


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