Election Season Here: Register and Get Ready…Vote in Every Election

You see the signs. People’s names on signs planted in soil on the side of road – one after the other. Throughout Central Florida. People’s names on billboards, along with their faces and the public offices they want. You have seen some candidates in church more often and in holiday parades.

It’s election season again and it’s not just about the big Presidential Election in November, (Although some of our friends and family only vote during that time – Shame on you!).

Here are some key dates for you to keep in mind:

Tuesday, Feb. 16 (today) – Deadline for registration to vote in  the March 15 Presidential Preference Primary. Hopefully, you have double checked your registration, say for instance if you have moved or changed your name.

In Florida, you have to select a political party to vote in party primaries. Today is the deadline to make a change, if you like.

An update to a voter’s signature for provisional or absentee ballot verification purposes must be submitted no later than the start of canvassing of absentee ballots which could start as early as Feb. 29, according to Florida’s Department of State website.

If you are already registered to vote and you only need to update your address or name, you can do so with your local Supervisor of Elections Office.

Heads up Orange County votes: accessibility to our elections offices has changed since the exit from Interstate 4 has closed down (due to the Ultimate I-4 Project). Go to the office’s website to get the detour routes and other pertinent information about voting this year, citywide, countywide, statewide and nationwide: http://www.ocfelections.com. Or just call: (407) 836-2070.

Sidenote: There are new U.S. Congressional and Florida Senate maps so you may have a new voting district.

Feb. 24 – Ocoee Political Forum, from 6-8 p.m., in the city hall commission chambers. Presented by the Woman’s Club of Ocoee for the candidates running for the Mayor seat and District 3 Commission seat. Ocoee voters: prepare for your city election on Tuesday, March 15. Absentee ballots and early voting are available. Contact your city clerk for the details: (407) 905-3100, ext. 1022.

Of course, there are other elections happening around the county on around March 15: Apopka, Winter Park, etc. Contact your city clerk’s offices for details.

Stay tuned and connected.

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