Primary Elections 2022: Early Voting Has Started

August 8, 2022 (Orange County) – Early voting started today for the 2022 Primary Election and it will continue through Sunday, Aug. 21 at various locations throughout the county. Early voting hours: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Many people find voting early – at early voting locations – more convenient and accessible than voting on election day when distractions like bad weather, work and long lines can stop them from casting their ballots.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, Aug. 23, at polling sites sprinkled throughout the county, including some new ones.

Early vote continues through Tuesday, Aug. 23

Registered voters received or will receive sample ballots to help with deciding on candidates vying for open public offices. But key races will be on the ballots including: United States Representative in Congress, Orange County Mayor, several county commission seats, School Board Chair, along with numerous judgeships. Voters will also decide whether to keep a special tax for the school district for essential operating expenses, like paying teachers and support staff. A breakdown of how the money will be used is highlighted on the sample ballot.

There are 20 different locations where registered voters can vote early, including the Supervisor of Elections Office (119 W. Kaley St., Orlando, FL 32806). If you wait to vote on election day, you must vote at your assigned polling place, which is printed on your sample ballot. Pay close attention because some polling places have moved because of recent redistricting (based on the most recent United States Census).

To find the early voting location closest to you, call the elections office at (407) 836-2070 or visit the website: Remember to take your photo and signature identification with you.