Guest Editorial: Barack Obama – A Good President

Editor’s Note: It’s February 2017 and Donald Trump is President of The United States. While many wish it was a dream and feel uneasy about his presidency, some are elated and anxious about his promised changes. As President Barack Obama prepared to leave office and conducted farewell speeches, audience members could be heard chanting, “Four More Years! Four More Years!” Once, he responded: “Can’t do that.” True and probably wouldn’t want to do four more years either because of obstruction from the majority Republican controlled Senate. One of the highlights of this online publication is its Guest Editorials – occasional thought-provoking editorials from people who live in the community or surrounding Central Florida area. Here’s one from Adele Doctor, who recently wrote on her Facebook page about the change in the U.S. presidency. Her perspective caught my attention so I am sharing. 

Feeling Proud

January 20, 2017 — My thoughts on this historic inaugural day 2017:adele

I have been watching tributes to the Obamas for the past few days and I wanted to express my feelings on his presidency. I have listened to people who assumed that all Black people supported Obama just because he was Black. Now, don’t get me wrong. I AM proud of my race but that is something that I would neither change or deny. I am proud of Barack Obama because he has always been strong and optimistic even ’til 11:59 a.m. on today. Eve-n in the midst of doubt, disrespect and sheer opposition, he remained strong. I didn’t say – right. I may have disagreed with some of his positions, but no man is perfect. I feel he did a lot of things right.

There are some people who will not even admit that he was a good president. Some still won’t admit he was “their” president. The truth and fact are – he was/is a good man and was a good president!

But, now I must accept the fact that Trump is now our president. I will pray that somehow, with God’s help, he will be able to fulfill the duties of the highest office in the free world.

The same awesome responsibility was bestowed upon Obama eight years ago and now history has a lot of accomplishments to add to his legacy. fovever44presobama

I am so proud to have lived to witness a part of history that I was able to experience with my kids and grandkids. You cannot erase that from my mind or the history books! With God’s help, he made it through not only one term, but two – despite the people who opposed him from his Day 1.

With God ALL things are possible. This holds true for the years to come.

From this United States Navy veteran, I salute you Barack Obama and family. Fair winds and Following Seas President Obama!

Adele Doctor is a long-time Central Florida resident. She is known for her work with bone marrow transplant education and survivor support, along with other health initiatives especially for children. She’s retired from the Navy and currently works as the administrative assistant to the Dean of Math at Valencia College. She’s also a proud University of Central Florida alumni.

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