City Elections: Early Voting Now Through Friday


March 5, 2019 – Early Voting has started and will run through this Friday for city elections throughout Orange County.  Four cities in the county have elections a week from today, on Tuesday, March 12, including Ocoee and Windermere here in west Orange County.

If you live within one of those city limits and you are an eligible registered voter, you should have gotten a sample ballot in the mail from the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office. (Or a vote-by-mail ballot, if you requested one) Sample ballots include details about your polling place, the public offices up for grabs and the candidates wanting to represent you in those public offices.

Early voting has become more and more popular for registered voters because they can vote when it’s convenient for them, not just on Election Day (typically on Tuesdays when people work).

While some voters like to mail their ballots, they may have had a change of heart, especially in Florida, after the Mid-Term Election last November. Some people who voted by mail found themselves researching their ballot online and/or by making phone calls, days after the election to make sure their vote actually counted. With crucial races being decided on, such as Florida governor, there was widespread concern over ballots not signed, signatures on the ballots not matching signatures on file at elections offices and ballots not delivered to the elections office on time.  

Voting early or on election day may be the better options. 

For details on upcoming city elections, contact your city clerk’s office or go to the county Supervisor of Elections Office website: or call (407) 836-2070. 

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