Distractions from the real work: Is it time to make some calls?


Here comes more drama out of Washington, less than two weeks after the re-election of President Barack Obama and within a few days of the start of Congress.

I wish our leaders would lay aside the politics for such a critical time as this and focus on the real work – creating new jobs, overhauling our tax system and lowering the deficit.

Here’s what I mean: Some of the Republican senators in Washington, including John McCain, who lost his presidential bid to President Obama in 2008, are calling the perceived lack of information given to the American people on the Libya incident either incompetence or a cover up. Someone needs to be held responsible, McCain said in reports. 

What exactly does he want anyone to do at this point? Start another war? Fire people in Obama’s cabinet?  Stop already. President Obama is still the president of the United States and will keep the office come January for another four years. He is cashing in on the respect that’s due now, with a majority of Americans behind him. Let’s move forward.

God bless the families of the four American government officials, including the U.S. Ambassador, killed in Benghazi, Libya.

I just don’t think our representatives in Washington should use this incident for political gain, keeping this issue at the forefront of folks minds to make themselves or their party look good and furthering the negative feelings many people have toward President Obama.

I, for one, don’t believe our CIA, FBI nor the president need to disclose everything (provide a full and complete explanation as McCain suggests), especially if it has to do with our country’s national security and foreign missions.

Look, if we know, the world knows. Secret Service, top-secret information, confidential information are all that for good reasons.

I am thinking we, the people, ought to look into making some phone calls and sending some emails to refocus our leaders’ attention on the more important work.

-Trish Martin, founder and editor

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