Mother’s Day 2023

I really thought I could send a Mother’s Day greeting to all of the special mothers in my life – a phone call, text, Facebook Live post with tags – something. That didn’t work: it’s too many of ya’ll!

So right now, I’m sending a blessing on this Mother’s Day to ALL mothers – on every level, naturally and spiritually. To those of you who are near and dear to my heart: you know who you are! (Mommy, I hope you enjoyed today!) You are blessed. You are loved and appreciated. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do – for your children, grandchildren and in some cases, great grandchildren as well as other people’s children, like in your neighborhood, local school, church or extended family.

We see you sacrificing for your children everyday and in just about every way. Thank you and please continue because in today’s world, your love and positive influence is NEEDED!

May God bless you real good and keep you in his care!

I also lift a prayer to our Heavenly Father for those who are remembering their mothers who have passed. I pray for your strength to celebrate her anyway. Reflect on the good memories and lessons learned through your mother. If need be, ask God to lead you to another mother, like a family member or even a church mother, who can help you along the way.

Mothers are special in God’s eyes! Today, I heard two great messages on a mother’s significance: “The Divine Gift of Motherhood” from Luke 1: 26-38 through Rev. Jerrold Smith at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and “A Holy Ghost Filled Mother” from Luke 2: 41-52 through Pastor Reginald B. Johnson at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in DeLand. You can check out the messages online, either on Facebook on those church pages or on YouTube. No coincidence that both messages centered around Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. She was highly favored and she cared so much for her son that when he went missing at age 12, she was the one to question why he left without telling them (she and Joseph) where he was going. Yes, the message was good!

Check out both messages – you will be blessed!

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Trish Marshall, Founder and Editor

My Mother

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