Restoration of Rights, Sealing and Expungement

Workshop Saturday, Nov. 9 in Orlando

It’s common knowledge that finding work or even a place to stay is not easy for a person with a criminal record, even after serving the time and changing their lifestyle.

Getting help from others to start over may not be the easiest thing to do either.restorationofrightsworkshop

However, on this Saturday, Nov. 9, Gary and Victoria Siplin will join a team of experts in sharing information about restoring civil rights and expungements.

The two are sponsoring a free rights restoration workshop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the New Covenant Baptist Church, 2210 S. Rio Grande Ave., Orlando, FL 32805.

The workshop is open to the public and anyone needing help with restoring their rights are encouraged to attend, especially since there have been changes made to state clemency rules under Governor Rick Scott’s tenure.

This is an opportunity for folks with records to find out their current status and get the help they need to attempt to restore their rights. It’s a process, Victoria Siplin said.  Participants will be able to talk with parole and FDLE officials, along with a judge who can help with completing the required paperwork. She said the workshop is being held in response to daily calls and visits the couple gets to their law office, on the issue.

For details on the workshop, call 407-802-2400.

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