Opinion: People Don’t Want or Need Your Shotguns


September 29, 2013 (Pine Hills, FL) — I am on my Soapbox again.

Trish MartinI want to get something straight: While law enforcement throughout the country (Orange County included) sponsor gun buy backs or similar programs to take guns off the streets, a group new to Florida plans to GIVE SHOTGUNS AWAY to residents of a north Orange County neighborhood this week. Free or discounted shotguns or guns, according to recent news reports. Say What?

The organizers said in news reports giving residents shotguns would stop crime in the area. Huh?

This idea is just as crazy as the idea of giving teachers guns for their classrooms. It wouldn’t make classrooms full of children safer and it would not make residents safer either. What it would make is a MESS – accidents waiting to happen.

While reports do not say exactly why the neighborhood was targeted but several long-time residents said in reports they don’t see a need for having shotguns or guns.

The group plans to expand its “gun gift” program throughout the Orlando area. Folk would have to pass a safety course and federal background check to get one of the free or discounted weapons.

Ok, hasn’t most of the recent string of mass shootings throughout the country been perpetrated by folk diagnosed with some sort of mental illness? Correct me, if I am wrong. I haven’t seen anything about mental evaluations in light of this “gun gift” program.

And listen, this idea itself sounds crazy. Bet someone involved in the group is also a gun shop owner with ulterior motives.


How about investing in some educational programs, tutoring or mentoring, or better yet, invest in some JOBS or economic development in areas you consider high crime areas?

In addition to resident refusing the offer, a notice worded something like this should be placed at the entrance of every Orange County neighborhood: “NO, THANK YOU. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR SHOTGUNS. WE DON’T WANT OR NEED THEM. NOW, PLEASE LEAVE OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY.”

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