The Scoop on Annual “Mania” Event September 15 in Orlando

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Hair, Fashion, Makeup and Entertainment Mania set for Sunday, September 15

Orlando, FL — “PJ” is 17. But talk with him for a few minutes about fashion and you will quickly discover his much-higher-than-expected level of maturity. PJ,  a.k.a. Princeton James Studstill I, is soft-spoken but sure with his choice of words. Direct with his eye contact. Firm with his handshake.

The Apopka High School senior is one of the lead model coaches for Fla’Vore Productions, which is sponsoring its annual Hair, Fashion, Makeup and Entertainment Mania event on Sunday, September 15. The “Mania” event, one of two major annual shows for Fla’vore, will take place 6 p.m. at the Majestic Event Center on John Young Parkway. The other show is an All Male Fashion Show which normally benefits a local charity.

People can expect a full house, plus tons of creativity at Mania,  PJ said during a recent interview after rehearsal. “This show usually sells 500 plus [tickets]…It’s going to be very exciting. There’s going to be a lot of diverse things going on…a lot of talent. If you are interested in any of that, this is the show for you.”

It didn’t take him long to sprout off some of the highlights: Modeling and dance troops coming from everywhere to be a part of the show. A celebrity makeup team transforming faces from scene to scene as well as an appearance of a celebrity artist for an upcoming reality Bravo TV show (Coleen Otero). Many hair salons with stylists displaying their talent and one of Fla’vore’s faithful hair designers, PatrickDidMyHair, will present an African attire look.

Shoes can make or break an outfit

As PJ talked, I wondered how did someone so young become so passionate about fashion and modeling.

Seems he’s always had a love of fashion in him. Family members believe it comes from one of his grandfathers. Years before joining the Fla’Vore modeling troop, PJ was acting in theater, plays at school and church. He modeled for a local agency, landing photo shoots for books, magazines and advertisements. He said he stopped acting to pursue modeling because it fit him more.

PJ hooked up with Fla’Vore’s Keesha Rivers through a mutual friend whom he originally connected with on Facebook. Nearly three years later, he’s talking up this huge “Mania” event in which he gets to teach children and adults (ages 4 to over 40) how to walk the runway and present fashion.

He said through Fla’Vore, he has become more confident.

“Growing up, I was never the one anyone thought would be in this position,” PJ said. “I did play sports…growing up I had very bad, severe eczema. It showed on my face and arms. You would never think anyone would want to take a picture of me with that type of skin condition. It’s only by God…my grandma, she spoke it, said, ‘You’ll grow out of it. I would always say no, I won’t. I never thought I would be accepted.”

He was accepted by the Fla’Vore family and he did grow out of the skin condition.

“It [Fla’Vore] gives you a feeling of being together, that you have a place you can come and feel accepted. That’s how I feel,” PJ said.

Mature, right?

Catch him at work, along with the other very talented group of people involved with Mania.

As of this date, tickets are still available for Mania at Ohsoojazzy Hair Studio at The Hair Action Plaza, Booth 21. Address: 5320 North Pine Hills Road, Orlando, Florida 32808. Phone: (407) 766-2987.

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