Countdown: Register to Vote, Orange County

If you have never voted or never voted here in Florida and you want to vote in the big Presidential Election (a.k.a. General Election) on November 6, mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 9.

Your vote is your voice and it counts!

That’s the deadline to register to vote and the deadline if you are already registered but you want to change your party affiliation.

According to the Orange County Supervisor of Election’s Office, there is no deadline for making an address change within the State of Florida or within the county. It’s a good idea to change your address well in advance of the  election so that you will receive your sample ballot in the mail. Of course, if you are a new Florida resident and have never registered to vote here in the sunshine state, you need to register.

Having a Sample Ballot reminds you of all the details of the upcoming General Election, such as key dates, how you can vote, where you can vote on election day and most importantly, who’s running for what office and what amendments/issues on which you need to vote.

This year, the Office of President of the United States is open. The country will decide whether to keep its first and only African American president, Barack Obama or elect former Massachuetts governor Mitt Romney. There are also countless congressional seats, state legislature seats, etc up for grabs.

One thing is for sure: A  lot has changed since the last Presidential Election (2008) and if you want to play your part in the election process, you have to be prepared and be informed. With recent changes to election laws, you may have new polling place and fewer days/hours to vote early.

You can get details on voting at your county Supervisor of Election’s Office. Here in Orange County, you can go to: or for more information.

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