Trayvon Martin Case: A Crucial Turn of Events

June 3, 2012 — In a crucial turn of events, George Zimmerman is back in the Seminole County jail after living free as a bird for about six weeks.

Zimmerman had posted a $150,000 bail but on Friday the judge in the case revoked his bail and ordered him back to jail within two days, saying Zimmerman hid a stash of cash from the court. Zimmerman and his wife at the bond hearing said he did not have any money for bail.

State prosecutors, who had requested Zimmerman’s bail be set at $1 million, provided evidence last week to the court of Zimmerman, while in jail, talking with his wife in codes, about money that he had received from supporters on a website that he created shortly after he was charged in the murder case.

It’s reported that the couple not only had some money but $135,000 in their bank account a day before the April 20 bond hearing.

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