What’s On Our Minds: Orange County Referendum on Today’s Ballot


In addition to Republican voters here picking a presidential candidate today to challenge President Obama, other voters (Democrats, Independents and undecideds) will tell Orange County leaders whether they can give property tax credits to new and existing businesses which are expected to create new, full-time jobs in the county.

Questions come to mind when looking at that Special Referendum (question) on the Sample Ballot. Main question: What makes a business “qualified” for the property tax exemption?

And why did we need this referendum during this Republican Presidential Preference Primary, if it is already allowable in the state Constitution?

Also, if businesses can get these “tax breaks” now, are they using them in great percentages or not? I wonder the history on such tax exemptions.

What if those businesses get the money through the exemptions and don’t create new, full-time jobs. Do they have to give the money back? I do not see any stipulations on the Sample Ballot to answer that major question. If they don’t create jobs, then what?

And if you know me, you know how I vote on vague amendments and referendums like these. No.

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