What’s New on OCN: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Trish Martin

Trish Martin

Willie Clark

Willie Clark

ORLANDO, FL (December 6, 2012) – They say charity begins at home. So while it’s great to give to and support mission work abroad, it’s even better to support worthy causes at home.

Orlando Community News (OCN) is joining efforts with Clark Media Network (CMN) to publish and broadcast stories to raise awareness of people who are struggling after some tragic or unforeseen circumstance in their lives – here at home. This is a community-wide effort, covering Central Florida (tri-county area).

These stories could be about individuals, families or worthy local organizations. The goal is to give funds directly to them to improve their livelihood. Whatever you can give will help for sure and will be appreciated by the recipients.

Thank you for your attention and participation in this “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” effort! Special thanks to Willie Clark, founder and president of Clark Media Network, who has a compassionate heart and is willing to help people in whatever way he can.

Contact Willie Clark at www.clarkmedianetwork.com  or Trish Martin at trish.martin@att.net

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