Essay Contest to Benefit Fine Arts Students at Meadowbrook Middle School


“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

Young people perform at the Wayne Densch YMCA Youth Scholarship Campaign on Thursday, March 21.

Meadowbrook Middle School band members last year performing at the Wayne Densch YMCA.

April 8, 2014 (Orlando) – Orlando Community News is proud to announce its first Essay Contest to help some students at Meadowbrook Middle School in Pine Hills travel to our nation’s capital to perform.

The contest, in partnership with the school and several local organizations, will help students develop their reading and writing skills as well as motivate them with awards – first, second and third place prizes ranging from full cost of the five-day-trip to up to $500 for the balance of the student’s cost.

Students will write a 500-page essay on the topic – “What is the significance of performing at the World War II Memorial and visiting Washington, D.C.?”  About 40 students will compete in the contest and have the opportunity to share their prizes with other members, if they win more than they need.

Business partners, especially in the Pine Hills/West Orange community, are welcome to join this effort! The Fine Arts teachers and administrators have done a good job of sacrificing their time and money to raise money during their Family Fun Night, held on the first Tuesday of each month since last Fall. Local residents have come out to take part but the staff can use a final push to give as many young performers a chance to go as possible. The goal is to expose them to as many new places as possible as well as opportunities to perform, according to the school’s Director of Bands Mario Ford.

For more information on how you can help, call 407-516-1916 or 407-296-5130, ext. 5192228. You may also send an email to:


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