Got a “STILL”  in my spirit

To all families, especially those who have lost loved ones recently.

God is STILL God and in control
God is STILL good and his mercy endures forever
God STILL loves me and is with me at all times
I STILL believe God – his word, his ways and his plans for my life

I STILL love God and will forever hasten to his throne !!!

Let us Be STILL and know that “I am God” …I will be exalted among the heathen, exalted in the earth (says the Lord)

Stand STILL and see the salvation of the Lord …In his will, we don’t have to worry or fret over anything or anyone

Hallelujah …There’s STILL room at the cross for one !!!! YOU

(insert your praise here)
Glory to God! He is consistent!
Oh, bless his name! My healer, deliverer, provider, friend, God! Thank you, Lord!

You've just been empowered...© Orlando Community News, 2014

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