Inspiring Poem: Amazing! Beautiful! Phenomenal! Fabulous You!

Editor’s Note: Affirmation does the soul good. This poem, presented and recited at the recent Pre-Mother’s Day Breakfast at my home church, certainly fit that category so I asked the author, Sandra. R. Kiser, for permission to share with you all, Orlando Community News readers. Enjoy and be Empowered! 

Amazing! Beautiful! Phenomenal! Fabulous You! sandrakiser

By Sandra R. Kiser

You are beautiful!


Made in his image

Loving, kind and graceful.

With God as your guide

You can do anything.

I can do the same.

You and I have opportunities

To pursue our dreams

And to take actions to persist towards greatness

As we learn our true self.

Whether it’s practicing medicine

Theater, hospitality, law or philosophy

Our pathway has been set.

Whatever he blesses you to do

Know that you are amazing just as you are.

You are God’s best creation

An original design that cannot be duplicated.

What are you waiting for?

Be your best you!

Register for school. Start that business. Restore that relationship.

Call a friend and say hello. Apologize for devaluing their self worth. Forgive.

Love a little more.

God has already predestined your victory, and mine.

Walk into your destiny.

We celebrate you because you are beautiful and so are you, and you, and

you too!

Amazing! Beautiful! Phenomenal! Fabulous you!


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