Christmas: Teaching Us To Give

Are you a joyful giver or you always a receiver?
Something to think about – Notes from Pastor Charles Stanley’s message on Sunday, Dec. 15. Topic: “Christmas: Teaching Us To Give.” Focus scripture: Luke 2: 1-18 (King James Version, Bible)

He talked about how Mary gave her body to conceive baby Jesus. She also gave her reputation.

The innkeeper said there was no room in the inn. Yet, he gave a stable and a manger.

The angel of the Lord gave the message of the birth of a Saviour, Christ the Lord.

The shepherds gave a testimony of the angel’s message and what they saw. They gave God glory and praise.

When they wise men saw Jesus and Mary, they fell down, and worshipped him….they opened their treasures and gave Jesus gifts – gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. (Read Matthew 2:11)

God gave something – his son Jesus…to come to the earth…for the purpose of dying.

Jesus gave throughout his entire life…to teach the truth, to heal the sick…Jesus was always giving.

Giving is a true sign of a believer. It ought to be a part of our lifestyle.

We can give just about anything…love, forgiveness, finance, companionship.

Something to think about as we celebrate the birth of Jesus…give.

You’ve just been empowered…© Orlando Community News, 2013

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