Studio Peek of Recording With Michael Jackson

A recording studio in Ocoee is opening its doors to Michael Jackson fans and people interested in the music industry on Saturday, Feb. 8, putting on a seminar called “In the Studio with MJ,” an in-depth perspective on working with Jackson. The seminar, lasting about seven hours and including dinner, will take place at Starke Lake Studios.

Brad Sundberg, a voting member of the Grammys, fills the seminar with music, videos, personal behind-the-scenes stories and photos, according to a studio press release.

It is a very unique opportunity for people interested in the music industry, and in Michael Jackson in particular, to see, hear and learn what it was like to work side-by-side with a true music legend, the press release stated. There will be a special focus on the production of Disney’s ‘Captain EO’ starring Jackson and an optional day at Epcot for participants to view the film.

The cost of the seminar is $249, which includes the VIP dinner.

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