Restoration of Rights Sealing and Expungement Worshop Feb. 21

How often do you get a chance to sit and listen to a judge speak about restoration of rights and maybe even ask questions that could lead to restoring your rights?

My guess is: not often at all. Well, here’s an opportunity to do just that: Former Florida Senator Gary Siplin and new Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin are offering a restoration of rights sealing and expungement workshop on Saturday, Feb. 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Zellwood Neighborhood Center for Families. (Location: 6565 Willow Street, Zellwood, FL 32798)

Specific documents and information are needed to get help during the workshop, so call ahead of time – (407) 802-2400 for details.

 -Trish Martin, Founder & Editor

© Orlando Community News, 2015

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