Get to Know the Candidates


From now until the first Tuesday in November, you’re going to see people you’ve never or rarely seen before – at your church, at a free barbecue or similar community event. That’s for the most part.

These are the people who want to represent YOU in local, state and national political offices in which they will help make policies that decide what happens in your neighborhood – how children are educated, how tax dollars are spent and how you get public services.

Learn about them. Ask them questions. If they get the opportunity to serve you, follow up with them to make sure they keep the promises they made while running for office.

How do you know who’s running for what?

Go to your county Supervisor of Election’s office website. Here is the one for Orange County: Click on Elected Officials and Candidates from the left column to see who’s running for what political office.

That is the best place to start because it has the official list of the candidates and it has their  contact information, including email address and website, if they have one. Go to their website. I am sure they would welcome a fair question from you via email. If you don’t see an email address, go to the Internet and “google’ their name (go on the Internet and go to

In addition to seeing the candidates all around town over next few months, you will see their signs on the side of the road and literature all over the place, including libraries, convenience stores and other public places. Pick them up and read all about the candidates.

An educated vote > an uneducated vote.

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