Eatonville To Vote on Term Limits for Mayor

Registered voters in the Town of Eatonville will decide whether to limit the terms of their mayor to two consecutive terms, among other things, in a special election on tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5.

The special election ballot basically asks voters to select Yes or No to one question which has four parts (Should the Eatonville Charter be amended):

  • By providing a strong-mayor form of government, by limiting the term of office to two consecutive terms
  • By having the Town Clerk, Town Attorney and Town Auditor as appointed charter officers
  • By providing single member districts
  • By increasing the town’s debt capacity

The special election tomorrow will be held at the Eatonville Town Hall, 307 E. Kennedy Boulevard, Eatonville, FL 32751.

Eatonville’s current Mayor Bruce Mount is serving his second term. He won his first term in March 2009, edging out long-term Mayor Anthony Grant, who had served for 14 years.

Currently, there are five members of the town council (including Mayor) and those members are elected at large, by voters throughout the town. Approval of this charter amendment would set up single member districts, with voters from specified districts electing council members.

The Town of Eatonville, just north of Orlando, has a population of about 2,000 people and is the oldest African American municipality in America.

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