Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy A. Quince, coming off a “rough” Legislative Session in Tallahassee, recently visited the Downtown Orlando Public library, to talk with area residents, lawyers and law students about changes and pending changes to state’s judicial system. One change will split the Florida Supreme Court into two: one for civil cases and one for criminal cases. She tackled a lot of good questions too, including one on why people  stay on the state’s death row so long. Justice Quince has served on the state Supreme Court since 1999. She is the first and only African-American female to serve on the state’s highest court. Her visit to the Orlando library was sponsored by the Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers. Justice Quince is pictured above with former CFAWL president and current member Ava Doppelt. © Orlando Community News, 2011

Know your representatives. They represent you. Why not hold them accountable for their election promises and why not contact them to address your issues?

If you live in the Pine Hills area, you most likely have these representatives nationally and locally. Below: their telephone numbers and re-election year.

President  Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden

The White House
Phone 202-456-1414
Next Election 2012

U.S. Congress:

Senator: Marco Rubio

Washington Phone: 202-224-3041 / Florida Phone: 407-254-2573
Next Election 2016    

Senator: Bill Nelson

Washington Phone: 202-224-5274 / Florida Phone: 407-872-7161                            Next Election 2012

Representative:  Corrine Brown

Washington Phone: 202-225-0123 / Orlando Phone: 407-872-0656
Next Election 2012

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Tallahassee Phone: 850-488-4441 / Next Election: 2014

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

Tallahassee Phone: 850-488-4711 / Next Election: 2014

State Senator: Gary Siplin

Tallahassee Phone: 850-487-5190 / Orlando Phone: 407-297-2071 / Next Election 2012

State Representative: Geraldine Thompson

Tallahassee Phone: 850-488-0760 / 407-245-1511 / Next Election 2012

Orange County

County Mayor: Theresa Jacobs

407-836-7350 / Next Election 2014

Commissioner: Fred Brummer

407-836-7350 / Next Election 2014

Sheriff: Jerry Demings

407-254-7000 / Emergency calls: 9-1-1 / Non-Emergency calls: report suspicious activity in your neighborhood: 407-836-4357

Next Election 2012

Compiled from Orange County Supervisor of Elections website: http://ocfelections.com/

For a complete list of elected officials, their positions and next election dates, contact:

Orange County Supervisor Of Elections
119 W Kaley St
PO Box 562001,
Orlando FL 32856-2001
(407) 836-2070

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