Back to School – Let’s Pray

August 13, 2013 — Our collective prayers can accomplish much. Let’s pray for children, from the youngest to the oldest, as they head back to school or head to school / day care this week, next week and over the next few weeks. Praying for obedience, clear minds to learn and fun.

Also, let’s pray for teachers & administrators – really anyone involved in the daily education of children, including all paid staff and volunteers…for God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Covering every campus, school bus and supply…for the safety, continuous development, education of every child.

Covering school districts and their leaders, school board members. Praying for respect on all levels, among every group and in every conversation and school function.

I know that training starts at home; school is often the practice field. Let’s pray for parents and guardians – for God’s wisdom in raising their child(ren) and staying on top of their education.

Lord, have thine own way in our school systems. Sometimes we don’t understand what you are doing. Help us to always trust you and follow your lead. In Jesus name, Amen!

© Orlando Community News, 2013

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