Attention High School Students: Go Get These Scholarships

This is the time of the year when high school seniors and their parents scramble to find as much scholarship money as possible to help pay for college. It always help for students to get an early start by working hard to get good grades and high college exam scores, well before 12th grade.

Here’s a list of several Orlando Community News has gathered. (Also check with local churches, civic organizations as well as fraternities/sororities):



Florida Conference of Black State Legislators’ 2014 Douglas L. Jamerson Scholarship. Students are required to complete the application and answer in detail questions on why they should get the scholarship and on their career goals. Students must provide enrollment of classes starting in Fall 2014.  Amount of scholarships: $500 max. Deadline: June 1, 2014.  Details: 1-800-224-0937.

Tom Joyner Foundation “Full Ride” Scholarship. National Radio personality and advocate for historically Black colleges and universities, Tom Joyner, throws a huge party with a purpose cruise each year to fund this scholarship once a year, to one high school senior with high academic records. Deadline is typically each January and the total amount varies but it’s meant to cover a student’s 4-year tuition. Joyner’s foundation also provides other scholarships. Details:

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