Sales Tax Savings This Summer

Not sure if the state of Florida will extend its first of several sales tax savings “holidays” for residents this summer: The Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax holiday ended June 8 after a little over a week. Original plans included more days and recent reports say not many people took advantage of it.

It was the first time since 2007 the state has had such a tax relief for its residents on items such as generators for $750 or less, battery-powered flashlights and lanterns, tiki torches and candles for $20 or less.

But there are other tax-free holidays coming soon, when consumers can save money by not paying state sales taxes on certain items.

Here is a list:

  • Effective July 1. Through Forever. All child car seats and bicycle helmets are sales tax-free in the state.
  • August 1 – 3: BACK TO SCHOOL holiday. No sales tax on clothing and shoes priced at or below $100, school supplies priced at or below $15 and the first $750 of price on  personal computer equipment.
  • September 19 – 21: ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES holiday. No sales tax on the first $1500 for fuel-efficient and water-efficient appliances.

There are extensive lists of items included for each holiday at the state Department of Revenue webpage:


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