Now Hiring – March 2013

Looking for a job? Here is a list of current local job opportunities gathered from various sources. Updated regularly. Applicants should do their research. For example, research details on applying, meeting deadlines and following up.


  • Part-time – The Cato ladies apparel and accessory store on Kirkman Road in MetroWest area is hiring part-time so if you are looking for some extra money before heading into the summer, go ahead and apply. Go to the store’s website: Complete the online application and return the completed application to the store. Address: 2266 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando.
  • Central Florida – Business Career Opportunity – If you are interested in the finance field, make plans to attend a Business Briefing on Tuesday, March 5, in Eatonville. Sponsored by McKendrick and Associates, the briefing will give people an opportunity to become part-time money coaches and enroll those interested into a Business Training Program. Address:  323 East Kennedy Blvd Suite B, Eatonville, FL 32751. Sponsored by McKendrick and Associates. Contact:
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