Looking for a Job? Take Advantage of Some Training to Get One

You may not have a job now but you can get trained now for a good paying job down the road.

Workforce Central Florida is looking for people interested in a paid, six-month training program at Valencia College. The goal is for participants to become certified production technicians, which is the first step toward a career in automation and simulation, according to reports.

The agency is offering the training as a part of a U.S. Labor Department grant which will pay up to $4,200 per applicant (full cost of the program) for classes, books and certification testing. Reports says there’s enough money to train about 200 people.

After the training, students could take advantage of internships which will pay between $9 an hour and $11 an hour. Full-time workers can expect to ultimately make closer to $15 an hour, according to Workforce Central Florida.

Call and find out if this is something you or someone you know can take advantage of. Contact: Annmarie O’Brien at Workforce Central Florida: aobrien@wcfla.com or 407-531-1222.

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