Another Chance – Job Fair November 1

Here is another opportunity for someone to get a job: Orlando City Commissioner Sam Ings has teamed up with Florida State Representative Bruce Antone to put on a Fall Community Job Fair in Orlando on Friday, November 1.

Organizers say more than 35 employers will be at the job fair, scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Dr. James R. Smith Center, 1723 Bruton Boulevard, in Orlando.

This job fair may be a little different that many others because organizers have invited employers who are willing to hire people who may otherwise have a difficult time landing a job because of blemishes on their record.

If that is you or someone you know, make plans or tell them to make plans to attend this job fair. Even if that is not you, yet you need a job, plan to attend. Prepare your résumé, practice your interview skills and on the day of the job fair, dress yourself to impress.

For more information call 407-245-0303 or 407-246-2006.

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