Significant: May 2022

This month will always be one of the most significant months for me and this publication. First off, we the people in this country celebrate Mother’s Day. Our mothers and mother figures seemed to have the most positive influence on us: They certainly do more than we give them credit for.

Mother Altamese J. Martin

As I celebrated the holiday this year with my 86-year-old mother and immediate family, I took note of a couple of things. I heard a minister remind mothers how blessed they were and how they should always celebrate motherhood. But more importantly, the minister said, we all need to celebrate mothers – not just one day but everyday. A mother’s love most closely reflect God’s love for each one of us: It’s unconditional. (Reference: I Corinthians 13: 4-8, Bible)

Sometime after the holiday, I made a trip to my local grocery store and before I got inside, it started to rain. Hard. If you’re in Central Florida, you know what that means. I wasn’t alone dashing in and out of the store with groceries. I couldn’t help but notice that it was mostly women and most of them had way more groceries than I. In my mind, they were mothers or mother figures, getting food for their household during an afternoon thunderstorm. That’s just one thing we overlook that mothers do – seemingly effortlessly. And won’t a mother cheer on their baby or babies on – even if no one else does? Yes! Sometimes, it’s just them being there, listening especially when we’ve had a bad day. Mothers are GREAT! We shouldn’t make life so hard for them. In fact, children are called to obey their parents and honor or value their father and mother (parents or legal guardians). Read the promise from God in Ephesians 6: 1-4, Bible. There’s no expiration date of God’s expectation of children.

This May, we also celebrate the 11th anniversary for Orlando Community News! I can only thank God for the vision for this online publication, the good news and information shared so far and it’s future. To God be the glory! God has even added a partner, my husband, Nate Marshall! As we do more, we pray, together as a family and community, that people will be uplifted and lives improve from something that is shared here. The best is still yet to come!

Remember to send your submissions and story ideas for consideration to me at We will soon set up a method for readers to donate electronically to this community organization. Better yet, continue to pray with us for its success. In Christ’s name and for his namesake. Amen.

Trish Martin Marshall, OCN Founder and Editor

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