Second Quarter 2015 Focus: Family

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At the end of the day, especially a rough one, what you have is your faith in God and the love and support of your family and close friends. Can I get a witness? We talked about and focused on Prayer in the first quarter, so in this quarter (Q2/2015) , we will highlight activities for and accomplishments of families – from the community. The goal is for everyone to stay connected or reconnect with their family. God gave us our families; let’s continue to be good stewards over them. Some people are blessed to have their mothers, fathers, grandparents; siblings and spouses, for instance  – still with them. As believers, we have to remember that everyone in the family has a responsibility to the family, even children (Read Ephesians 6:1-4 and Ephesians 5: 22-33) It’s my belief that strong families make strong communities. In such a time as this, we need stronger neighborhoods/communities. So what’s good family? Submit your family’s good news to: Trish Martin at (Family could be immediate or extended.) Thanks and God Bless! -Trish Martin

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