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I’m more motivated than ever to tell the world about the good things happening in our front/back yards! It’s not all bad news. Yes, we know there is bad news…an overwhelming amount it seems, at times. Orlando Community News (OCN) just leaves it up to the other news sources to tell you about that.

This online publication will continue to share the positive, the helpful news – all in an effort to push the community upward. I still believe that Pine Hills is On the Rise!

I’ve started sharing stories on the front page and on subsequent pages from areas throughout Central Florida, not just Pine Hills…as well as guest editorials from various sectors of the community. Expect even more of that this year!

Anyone who knows me, most likely knows that this is a community-based online publication. It is also faith based: I believe that God is our hope.

So this year, OCN will have articles centered around four themes – one per quarter: Prayer/Faith, Family, Business/Work and Community.

  • Prayer/Faith: As we see, our country, our world, our communities need prayer like never before. The connection with God is crucial. I’ve been posting messages about not only praying but also watching – especially for the children in our communities. Scripture says that man should always pray. Guess God knew we would need it…that we would need him – at all times!
  • Family: It is the foundation of a community. Articles which will highlight activities and accomplishments for/of families.
  • Business/Work: Goal is to share the special events of our local, small businesses, especially the ones that are good citizens: They give back to the people who have supported them over the years.
  • Community: The collective efforts aimed at improving the community in some way. How residents can get involved with clean up efforts, mentoring programs, education, crime prevention and recreation for our children, for example.

We’re in this together. All hands are needed on deck! If you believe as I do, then you know that we are all called to love each other and let the light within us shine brightly in darkness – to make a difference.

Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

If you know of something good going on in the community, please share it with OCN: either send a comment here online or email it to: orlandocommunitynews@gmail.com. (Please allow at least two weeks prior to the event or activity for time to confirm, edit and post.)

Thank you and God bless.

Trish Martin, Founder & Editor

Orlando Community News, 2015

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