OCN’s Third Year: Greater Works Ahead!


Trish Martin

Trish Martin

Hello Orlando Community News Supporters and Visitors!

We are celebrating – first, another year for Orlando Community News online (#3 on May 14) and second, the recent milestone of reaching 10,000 views (in the United States and several other countries)!
I am reflecting on the many blessings God has granted this online publication and pressing upward for GREATER WORKS.
He has blessed me with all of you, (family, friends and community leaders), who continue to support this publication. Thank you for every prayer, every word of encouragement, every story idea and every piece of feedback you have provided.
We started the year off with a Spiritual Fitness Challenge. I can’t say how many people participated in the challenge but I am sure many people thought about feeding their soul more, developing or strengthening their relationship with God.
There have been more articles on local elections, as well as articles about unique and exciting events happening right here in Pine Hills and its surrounding areas. You don’t know what you’re missing if you have never attended Keesha Rivers’ Mania or one of the Seven Last Sayings services held at area churches on Good Friday!
Also, we selected two more Pine Hills Heroes – Bishop A.L. Helligar who has been an advocate for non-violence in the Pine Hills community for many years and Bertina Busch who has worked behind the scenes over the years to get much-needed improvements in this community. Presentations coming soon!
Last but not least, God gave me an idea to help some local middle school students raise funds to visit Washington, D.C. and perform at the World War II Memorial: The First Annual Orlando Community News Essay Contest!
This first one was among Meadowbrook Middle School band and chorus members. We had four winners and a couple of them shared their awards with other band members who needed help with their trip balances! Special thanks to Ms. Bryant and Mr. Ford of the school’s Fine Arts Department, as well as Principal Mr. Nash and P.R. Guru Wendy Gustama.
Thanks to every volunteer or supporter who helped in some way or donated money to the effort! Special thanks to: LaFontaine Oliver, of WMFE 90.7 News radio; Willie Clark, of Clark Media Network; Ronita Sanders, of U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s Office, Bennie Williams; Fritz Wadlington, Kelsea Mullane; State Representative Bruce Antone and my family. What a blessing to be able to sow into the lives of these young people. Photos and details coming soon!
There is so much work to be done here in the Pine Hills community. Every concerned resident, public official, pastor and business owner is needed to help the area continue to rise, to change in a positive way. If you live, work or play here, you are needed. Stay connected to Orlando Community News. We will highlight that change! The best is still yet to come! God bless you!
Trish Martin
Founder & Editor
Orlando Community News
Email: trish.martin@att.net

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