2014 is Here: Moving Forward With the Right Priority


From the Editor’s Desk:

God responded quickly to my prayer. I wanted to launch a special project this year, mainly to motivate people to do daily activities that could improve their spiritual development. I mean, it was only a matter of days. Inspired by a family member’s physical fitness challenge on Facebook before Christmas, I thought about a spiritual fitness challenge for this month, to kick 2014 off right. Then, I went to church to bring in the new year … Lo and behold, the first preacher talked about moving from bitter to better. He said we should take the next 40 days to let God speak to us, to move higher in our faith. Wow! Talk about confirmation! So I am moving ahead in my invitation to each one of you reading this: Join me in this New Year’s Spiritual Fitness Challenge.

Here are the details:

Do something daily for the next 31 days to develop your spirit:

  • Meditate on a scripture
  • Commune with God in prayer
  • Participate in service to others as Christ has directed – (Matthew 25: 35-36)
  • Share your faith with someone
  • Fellowship with other believers

While I suggest at least 30 minutes daily on these activities, I also pray that you let God lead on the amount of time you spend on one of the areas. You can switch it up also.

Get your whole family involved with the challenge – especially your children!

You can post your work (scripture reference, etc.) as a comment on this website and keep a log of it. To post or not to post your progress is up to you. The main thing is  encouragement for spiritual growth; We are seeking God first, in this brand new year!

In fact, don’t stop, keep going. We all want to be better. I just believe that if our hearts are healthy, spiritually speaking, we have a good chance of everything else being healthy, in order, as God designed.

Let’s go!

My Day 1 – Praise this morning for making to this day and meditation on Jeremiah 31: 1-21

God bless you!

Trish Martin
Founder and Editor
Orlando Community News
Email: trish.martin@att.net

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Founder and Editor of Orlando Community News and freelance writing service. Lover of God, Auto Finance-Sales Professional, “Mese” baby, Proud Aunt
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2 Responses to 2014 is Here: Moving Forward With the Right Priority

  1. I truly thank God for the New Year’s Spiritual Fitness Challenge 2014…and for all of you who participated, carved out time every day to commune with God! We didn’t ask for a report on your progress …That is between you and God. My encouragement and exhortation is this (in light of this season of restoration) >>>> 1. Continue to seek God. Some need to know God personally ….You have tried everything and everybody else: try Jesus. Those who have already established a relationship with God, I pray you grow in the grace and knowledge of God…We all should be growing in our spiritual walk…to be effective witnesses for him. Ok, a good place to start is at home. Live right before your children and train them in the ways of the Lord…pray for and with them, your family…Yes, God gave you your family, spouses. 2. Stay connected to a local church that is Christ centered and where the word of God is taught and preached. Find yourself a local home church, if you don’t have one and get to work. The key is spending time with like-minded folk. . .worshiping God together with fellow saints, learning how to live for him. . .3. As Jesus has instructed, plan and carry out ‘The least of these’ ministry: Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty; take in strangers needing help, cloth the naked, visit the sick and those who are in prison. Love you enough to share today! Blessings!

  2. Added fasting to this Spiritual Fitness Challenge. For those who are able to make a sacrifice of a physical nature, please join in this fast at least until the end of the month. It may be certain hours of the day. Remember to take the time to seek God while you are fasting. God is willing and able to heal, deliver, provide and direct. Let us believe. Have faith in God. (Matthew 17: 20-21)

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