Top Ten Questions to Ask GZ if He Takes the Stand


After the first week of testimony in The Trayvon Martin Case, some people think George Zimmerman may have to take the witness stand to clear up the stark differences between his story and the recollection of people who have told their story under oath on the witness stand.

Speaking of “stand,” I have said and still say that you can not claim you are “standing your ground” by following someone and confronting them. In this case, the defendant, Zimmerman, pursued the victim, Martin and the pursuit was heard on a recorded telephone call to the Sanford Police Department on February 26, 2012.

So however unlikely, Zimmerman can get on the stand and tell the world why he profiled and pursued this teenager and felt the need to kill him. For real. The truth will make you free!

Top 10 Questions a Trial Observer Would Ask GZ if he took the stand.

(Editor’s Note: Compiled from posts and tweets I’ve seen lately and some conversations I have had since this story broke last year.)

10. What was Trayvon Martin doing when you first saw him? That was from your truck, right?

9. What did you say to him when you first approached him?

8. Wasn’t there an opportunity to tell him who you were and ask him if he needed help verses thinking he was up to no good and asking him what he was doing in the neighborhood?

7. Can you describe what a suspicious person looks like for the jury?

6. Does it seem strange to you that someone would wear a hoodie or something to cover their head in the rain on a February day? Why/Why not?

5. Did you ever stop and think whether his young “Black male” was one of your neighbors? Why/Why not?

4. How did Trayvon’s body get face down with his hands underneath him, in the wet grass when police arrived on the scene?

3. Do you carry your gun with you everywhere…did you take it out of the truck when you got out and followed Trayvon Martin?

2. If you knew you had your gun, why would you feel the need to scream and cry for help as the cries heard the 9-1-1 recordings or didn’t you mean you asked for help from a neighbor after you had shot Trayvon Martin?

1. Didn’t you follow and pursue Trayvon Martin, a complete stranger at the time to you, because you thought he was a suspect, a thug, a criminal?

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