Happy New Year: 2013

Here’s to a NEW YEAR: 2013!!!

Woo Hoo! I don’t know about you: I am embracing the new year and thanking God for the opportunity to enter it !!! News of late reminds us that we did not have to make it to see January 1, 2013. Praise God. For his grace and his mercy.

There’s something about celebrating a new year that makes you want to reflect on the previous year. What went right. What went wrong. How well you did on those resolutions or goals you set for yourself.

Bottom line: most people want to have a good life – to be successful, to have love of family and good health.

There is nothing wrong with self-evaluation, especially since you can only control yourself and your own actions.

Still, you have to move forward from reflection. This is a new year. We all ought to have something new to do. Even if it’s a new way of thinking. Something to help us do better or build upon.

So, here’s to 2013 !!! It is my prayer that you open your heart and mind to something new and positive. That you stand in your rightful place to receive the blessings already in store just for you, from God.

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