Check Your Mail: Sample Ballots En Route

Check your mail: Orange County election officials started mailing out sample ballots this week to eligible voters and they are urging voters to study the questions on the ballots, fill out the ballots and use the ballots as a guide in voting booths.

You can do that, whether voting early at the designated locations or voting on Election Day November 6 at your polling site.

The Sample Ballot mail out also includes a map and driving directions to the voters’ polling locations. Good thing too, because many polling places have changed since the 2008 General Election, in light of redrawn election districts.

This year’s ballot is the longest in Orange County’s history: there are three legal paper-sized ballot sheets (front and back) with candidate names and amendments written in both English and Spanish. One of the amendment questions takes up one page.

Can’t say enough about being prepared.

So watch your mail and contact the elections office if you don’t receive your Sample Ballot or if you have any questions or concerns. Phone: (407) 836-VOTE (8683). Website:

Educate yourself on the candidates and amendments. One resource is the League of Women Voters of Orange County website:


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