Three Ways to Vote – with some changes

Listen up everybody.

You probably already know that there are three ways to vote in Florida: by Absentee Ballot, by Early Voting and at your Polling Place on Election Day. You should also be aware that the state of Florida is one of many in the country that has passed new election laws which changes some aspect of those three ways to vote.

If you plan to vote by Absentee Ballot, make sure you request the ballot from your county Supervisor of Elections office, complete it and turn it in during the Early Voting period or by 7 p.m. to the elections office on Election Day.

Now pay close attention: state law now requires election workers to compare your signature to the last one provided on a Florida Voter Registration Application form. So, if you voted by Absentee Ballot at least once since January 2008 or you registered to vote before 1995, you should update your records via an application form, with a fresh signature. Don’t take a chance that your signatures do not match and your vote not counted.

Early Voting dates have changed with new state laws. It starts 10 days prior to Election Day and ends 3 days before Election Day. Eight days, really. In Orange County, Early Voting for the next Primary Election will start at various locations on Saturday, August 4 and will end on Saturday, August 11. The hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.

If you live in Orange County and you want to see the locations to vote early, go to and click on “For the Voter” in the left column and then click on “Three Ways To Vote.” There is a link that shows all Early Voting Locations for the Primary Election on August 14.

If you like to “go to the polls” on Election Day to vote, keep in mind your polling place may have changed because of the newly carved out election districts. The elections office will send information on new polling places as well as an official Sample Ballot for the next election which again is the Primary Election on August 14.

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