It’s STILL Important to Vote in Every Election, on Every Position and Issue


Your vote is your voice

If you do not vote in every election that you are eligible to vote in, you lose your voice. In other words, you are talking but no one can hear you. Your desires for your community, your state, your country will not have a chance to become reality. No chance.

This comes amid comments in the media about President Obama’s personal opinion that same-sex couples should be able to get married, which in his eyes is a local not national issue.

Six states have adopted laws making same-sex marriages legal.

To say you are not going to vote for the President because of his opinion on the issue, is misguided. Please don’t say you are not going to vote at all. Several of the states which do have such laws adopted them years before President Obama even became the president. It is not a law on the federal level.

You can join national efforts to keep that from happening, if you want.

I truly understand the religious view on the topic. However, we have to remember the larger issues facing this country: the need for more jobs/improved economy, the ending of wars/conflicts and our country’s national security, as well was affordable healthcare and education.

Spread the word: NOTHING AND NO ONE should stop you from voting. We are not going to always agree with everything our elected officials say or do. They are not perfect and neither or we.

Still, we have the right and responsibility as Americans to vote in every election, for every position and issue, locally and nationally.

Pray, yes, but do not stay home or forget to mail in your ballot on election day. That would silence your voice.

Consider the candidates and their positions on the issues and then choose which one has a record that falls in line with your beliefs and desires, most of the time.

If you live in Orange County, you can go to the county Supervisors of Election’s website to see who is running for what and what issues voters will decide on over the next several months and in the fall:

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