Orlando Community News (OCN) is here!

What is OCN and what can it do for you?

OCN is a freelance community news service recently started by Trish Martin, providing quality briefs, articles and photos depicting of the lives and livelihood of Pine Hills, FL and its surrounding communities.

Aware the community’s nickname, Martin wants to bring balance in the news coverage of the densely populated area, just west of Orlando, Florida. A beacon of hope for the community, OCN disseminates helpful information to its residents in print and online media.

“Balance here means more features, more positive hometown stories,” Martin proclaimed. “We only hear and read about what’s wrong in Pine Hills. I live here and I know we have challenges but what about the things which are going right? I see those things too, more often than not. We just don’t read about them often.”

OCN articles and photos focus on business, education, community services, politics and lifestyle (including faith). Coverage areas include: Pine Hills, Rosemont, Orlo Vista, Metrowest and Lockhart.

Residents, business owners/and managers in those areas are welcome to submit interesting story ideas. Local news editors and publishers can now reach more subscribers (in a very diverse market, appealing to more advertisers). They can save money with OCN (especially on insurance and other reimbursements such as gas mileage) versus with full-time staff writers.

Orlando Community News, Because An Informed Community is a Learned Community©

Email story ideas or freelance requests to: trish.martin@att.net


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